Thursday, 5 February 2009

Peace Day

Hello everyone! I'm Andy, from Scotland. These days I am visiting Spain. Although I'm not being very lucky with the weather (it's been a bit snowy lately...) I'm really enjoying my stay here.
Last week we celebrated Peace Day. During the week, some pairs of children (called 'peace messengers') went to all the classes reading 'the day's slogan' (something all the students had to bear in mind during the whole day). We took a picture of one of these moments.
After a week working on collaboration, good behaviour, etc..., last friday we went out and celebrated Peace Day elaborating a 'human drawing': a dove, a rainbow and the word 'Peace' in Spanish ('PAZ'). Marivi, one of the english teachers, took me with her, so that I could enjoy this celebration with all the kids (specially the young ones, who were delighted with my presence!) I hope you like the pictures!

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Technologies Network said...

My class are very impressed with Peace Day. What a great idea. We love your human picture. It must have taken a long time to get it so perfect!