Tuesday, 24 February 2009

We made some masks for Huckerby.He is trying them on to see which one to wear for the Saturday's party.
In Greece these days people wear costumes.It's the carnaval.
We put Huckerby in our Heart for St Valentine's day.He looks happy with all that love around him!
This where we play!
Welcome Huckerby!!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Trash Fashion Show

Primaries six and seven put on a Trash Fashion Show for parents on Wednesday, 11th February. The idea was to show how pupils could use materials they would normally throw away to make fashion items. Both Tony and Coco were there. This is a short clip of the final section entitled Homecoming Scotland 2009. Tony and Coco are wearing outfits from recycled materails. Tony has a kilt and hat and Coco has a hat made from old newspaper. See if you can spot them!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Tony has made a St Valentine's Card

Tony has been helping the children make St. Valentine's cards and fridge magnets. He has also made an outfit for the trash fashion on Wednesday.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Carlos at the swimming pool.

Carlos has had a lovely week in Pulham. On Monday school was closed due to some very snowy weather so he had a day off to relax. He has been joining in with lots of lessons across the school and learning lots of new things.

This afternoon he went to his first swimming lesson with Class 4. As you can see he had all the right equipment. The children said he had a lovely time watching them all in their lessons. He really enjoyed going on the bus to get there and back too. He thought it was a really fun afternoon.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Peace Day

Hello everyone! I'm Andy, from Scotland. These days I am visiting Spain. Although I'm not being very lucky with the weather (it's been a bit snowy lately...) I'm really enjoying my stay here.
Last week we celebrated Peace Day. During the week, some pairs of children (called 'peace messengers') went to all the classes reading 'the day's slogan' (something all the students had to bear in mind during the whole day). We took a picture of one of these moments.
After a week working on collaboration, good behaviour, etc..., last friday we went out and celebrated Peace Day elaborating a 'human drawing': a dove, a rainbow and the word 'Peace' in Spanish ('PAZ'). Marivi, one of the english teachers, took me with her, so that I could enjoy this celebration with all the kids (specially the young ones, who were delighted with my presence!) I hope you like the pictures!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Tony has arrived!

We are delighted to welcome Tony to Scotland. We will make sure he has lots of adventures. Next Wednesday Primaries 6 & 7 are having a trash fashion show. Outfits have been made using recycled materials. Tony has been invited and will have a guest of honour place!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Carlos in England

Carlos is having a lovely time so far in England. He has been enjoying lots of fun school activities and joining the children in lessons. In the Reception / Year 1 class children have a role play area. To celebrate Chinese New Year this is currently a Chinese restaurant. Carlos had a wonderful afternoon playing with the children in there. He has joined the other classes in lessons and on Friday went on a school trip to Duxford Imperial War Museum near Cambridge with Class 5 who are learning about World War 2 in History lessons. Some pictures will be available soon.
He is hoping to have a school dinner this week and go swimming with Class 4 too.