Thursday, 18 December 2008

Odysseas is getting ready to enjoy his holidays.He won't have to go to school for about 14 days,from the 24th December,to the 7th of January!Lucky you Odyssea! On the 24th December he is going to sing carols from door to door and get candies and sweets,like melomakarona and kourabiedes.He knows that melomakarona are made with honey(melo=meli=honey) because life is so sweet and kourabiedes are cookies with icing sugar all around them, like the Christmas snow.Yammy aren't they?
Odysseas had to travel a lot to go back to Ithaki,his homeland.We greeks like boats and the sea as well.It surrounds our country.So in Christmas we traditionally decorate little boats near our Christmas trees!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Le Jour de Noël

Je m'appelle Coco. Toute notre famille se rassemble pour fêter Noël les 24 et 25 décembre. C'est un signe de solidarité et de joie. Le gui est une tradition, on le met sur la poignée de la porte . Ce moment est très festif. Le lendemain, les enfants suspendent des chaussettes. Après, le Père Noël les remplit de bonbons. (C'est une histoire que l'on raconte aux plus jeunes; le Père Noël arrive par la cheminée, il se brûle les fesses car la cheminée est allumée ).Il dépose les cadeaux au pied du sapin. Le lendemain, les enfants ouvrent les cadeaux. Ils sont très contents.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

We decorate the school corridors and put up a Christmas tree. Huckerby really enjoyed looking at it!

Some of our teachers make a role play area in our classroom where we can dress up as different characters and play. In Class 1 and Class 3 these have a Christmas theme at the moment, Huckerby enjoyed playing with the children.

Other classrooms are decorated in different ways.

Here are some pictures of Huckerby enjoying Christmas activities.
Our teachers make displays in our classrooms to celebrate the story of Christmas.
At our school we all send each other Christmas cards, we post them in the letter box and then children in Year Six (the oldest children) deliver them.

Merry Christmas from England

Today our bear came to school for the first time to join in all the Christmas fun. We live near Norwich so we have chosen a Norwich City Football Club bear to represent our school. The children all enjoyed meeting him today and they even voted for a name for him in assembly.
He is called Huckerby after a famous Norwich player who lots of the children admire. Here is a picture of our bear.

Merry Christmas from Italy

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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Look at our Christmas cards!

Our teddy bear Odysseas in front of the map of Greece

Saturday, 6 December 2008


Hello everyone,
This is our teddy Carlos. He is a hard-working bear. Here you can see him helping our Head of Studies with some school stuff. Carlos rules!!

Getting ready for Christmas

Hello friends! Here in Spain we're getting ready for Christmas. Carlos, our teddy, is helping us with the decoration of the classroom. He is also giving us a helping hand with the writing of the letters for the Three Wise Men, who bring us presents on the night of the 5th of January.
Carlos has a sweet tooth and he can't stop eating the typical Christmas Spanish sweets: 'turrón' (a sweet basically made of almonds and sugar) and 'polvorones' (a dry, floury sweet also made with almonds).
All the kids at school are already playing their tambourines and singing carols. Christmas is in the air. We have also decorated our school with a Nativity Scene. Carlos is a little bit clumsy and he didn't help this time, but he will take pictures of it and upload them for you to see.
We hope you like the pictures of Carlos helping us!