Saturday, 6 December 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

Hello friends! Here in Spain we're getting ready for Christmas. Carlos, our teddy, is helping us with the decoration of the classroom. He is also giving us a helping hand with the writing of the letters for the Three Wise Men, who bring us presents on the night of the 5th of January.
Carlos has a sweet tooth and he can't stop eating the typical Christmas Spanish sweets: 'turrón' (a sweet basically made of almonds and sugar) and 'polvorones' (a dry, floury sweet also made with almonds).
All the kids at school are already playing their tambourines and singing carols. Christmas is in the air. We have also decorated our school with a Nativity Scene. Carlos is a little bit clumsy and he didn't help this time, but he will take pictures of it and upload them for you to see.
We hope you like the pictures of Carlos helping us!

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Technologies Network said...

So good to meet you Carlos. You certainly look as though you are having fun this Christmas.