Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Teddy for Primary 7A

Andy joined one of his classmates for a festive weekend at Winter Wonderland in Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city. Lots of boys and girls from Scotland visit the magical Christmas wonderland each year, where they can go ice skating, browse the Christmas markets, visit the funfair and even bungee jump!! Look how high up Andy is! He was very brave and went on the huge ferris wheel at the Winter Wonderland. The ice rink looked very small from up there! Andy was taken to a very fancy restaurant for a Christmas lunch! Meet P7a! Can you spot Andy? Andy tells Santa what he would like for Christmas. I think he is hoping for a kilt! Andy joined P7a for their Christmas party. He had a special seat in the middle of the table beside Frosty the Snowman! Andy at the P7 Christmas Disco. He is about to play a game called Musical Arms. This is a Santa book to describe what happens at Christmas in Scotland. Andy took part in the Christmas Concert. Can you spot him in the photo? This is some primary 4 girls in front of their advent calendar. We open one door every day in December right up until the 24th. Andy is really excited, because he gets to open the last one on the night before Christmas! Primary 7 have got their teddy bear, but have yet to think of a name. Today he went to the pantomime to see Jack and the Beanstalk. You can see him in the photo with Jack. Hopefully Primary 7 will have given him an name very soon.

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